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Tax Planning, Both Personal and Professional

Nearly every business decision has a tax consequence attached. Jonathan understands this and helps his clients remain informed of these consequences and navigate to their best possible outcome. Jonathan C. Watts, Attorney at Law, is a unique tax boutique law firm in the East Bay Areaumbrella that incorporates his advanced LL.M. degree in Tax law, received in 2011, into his years of transactional business and tax experience representing corporations, partnerships, individuals and Trusts in connection with tax-sensitive transactions. Unlike many of the tax departments at other tax law firms, Jonathan takes a hands-on and integrated tax and business approach that considers the goals both of you, the business owner, and your business.

Jonathan deftly handles tax sensitive transactions and regularly advises individuals and businesses on tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions, international transactions, intellectual property matters and partnership tax issues. His tax representation permeates all areas of his practice as he understands the need for integrated legal solutions that emphasize tax efficiencies.

Jonathan is passionate about creating effective and tax-efficient strategies that position you and your business as favorably as possible. Jonathan thrives on structuring businesses to best reap the benefits of positive tax treatment and has helped his clients structure their businesses to be positioned in the most tax advantaged manner. His tax expertise is a common thread that runs throughout his practice and distinguishes him as a niche tax practice that expertly addresses tax strategy, tax planning and the expert application of highly technical and nuanced tax regulations and procedural rules to best benefit you and your growing business.

Jonathan knows that a successful tax defense requires the thoughtful application of his specialized tax knowledge about highly technical tax practice and procedural rules. He has realized triumphs for his clients, structuring contracts that employ all the tools at his disposal, buy/sell agreements that encompass a thorough and astute knowledge of tax law that best positions his clients agreements to enjoy tax favored status, and structuring tax-advantaged business formations that will continue to perform and realize positive tax treatment in the years to come.

Jonathan has found that preventative and forward-looking tax planning has paid many times over in savings for his clients who have been able to avoid frivolous and unnecessary taxes as well as cumbersome audits and government intrusion that a less well-structured business would not have realized. Jonathan’s education and experience has highlighted that there is a wealth of tax advantages, tax favorable treatment and legitimate tax strategies that can drastically reduce the taxes you and your business owes, come April 15.

Jonathan’s niche tax practice brings his clients relevant, up-to-date and specialized consulting, transactional, and advocacy experience in all the substantive areas of federal and state taxation. He draws on his deep understanding of corporate law, partnership law, LLC law, contract law and international tax, among others, as well as his experience in evolving judicial practice and procedures, strategy, and tactics to best counsel, advise, and represent his clients.

Jonathan’s clients have come to rely on his creative, solid and well-reasoned solutions to their individual and business issues that span the full spectrum of tax law. Jonathan’s tax controversy experience combines his up-to-date tax education and experience to enable him to take on and succeed at some of challenging cases and achieve outstanding results for his clients.

He has become the go-to attorney when clients encounter a grisly tax problem or are wishing to structure their business contract to best position them for a less onerous tax bill come time to file. Jonathan researches, writes, blogs and has spoken to business groups on a broad range of tax issues.

This is just a basic overview and is not legal advice specific to your situation.  If you would like to speak with Jonathan about your situation, please email him at or call him at 925-217-3255.

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