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Resolving Federal and State Tax Problems in the East Bay

State tax challenges – Jonathan C. Watts can help you and your business with the Franchise Tax Board and the Board of Equalization audits,April 15 including the appeals process. Jonathan’s focus is to make sure that the government auditors have a thorough and complete picture of your tax situation before they make their final decision. In these economically challenging times, Jonathan will seek to negotiate reasonable compromises that can help you attain financial stability both for yourself and your business.

Jonathan’s clients have come to recognize his comprehensive knowledge of tax law and his practical, creative, business-oriented approach to solving his clients’ tax issues. He welcomes you to use him as special tax counsel to your business or personal tax challenge.

Federal tax issues – With tax regulations acutely impacting all personal tax, business tax and estate tax plans it is crucial to have an experienced Federal and State Tax lawyer at your side. Jonathan’s tax planning strategies are known for their elegance and their transparency. He can assist you in negotiating an Offer in Compromise, initiating an IRS Installment Agreement, ending a Tax Levy or other negotiated resolutions to your IRS tax liability. Jonathan can expertly assist you in structuring and negotiating your transaction to achieve your business objectives while maximizing tax efficiencies.

Inheritance/Estate Tax protection – Jonathan combines his current specialized training in Tax law, receiving an LL.M. in Taxation, August, 2011, with his familiarity and experience with Inheritance/Estate Tax to bring  value to his clients by building transactions that are tax advantaged both now and continue to reap tax advantages in the future years.

Internet Sales Tax problems – Online sales tax is a hot-button issue that requires an alert and informed tax lawyer guiding you through theCombination challenging decisions you and your business will face. Jonathan can assist you in pinpointing the pivotal internet sales tax developments that are relevant to you and your business and he will counsel you on how to make sure your business is in compliance with these changes.

Jonathan C. Watts’ comprehensive knowledge of the tax implications of sophisticated business transactions and his experience with the particular tax issues that arise within the context of a wide variety of business industry sectors allows him to serve you in whatever business and tax challenge you find yourself. Jonathan is uniquely skilled at assisting you in structuring and negotiating your transactions to achieve your business objectives while maximizing tax efficiencies.

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