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Why You Should Hire Jonathan as Your Tax Attorney

  • Jonathan C. Watts is 1 out of 12 in Contra Costa County who is a Certified Specialist in Taxation.

  • Jonathan C. Watts is 1 out of 333 in the state of California or less than 2% of the around 192,000 practicing California attorneys who is a Certified Specialist in Taxation.

certified-imageWhy is it Valuable to Retain a CERTIFIED TAXATION LAW SPECIALIST?

Attaining the distinction, from the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, of a Certified Specialist in Taxation Law means a number of critical things for you as a client. It means that your taxation law attorney has demonstrated that he is knowledgeable about taxation law, has taken and passed a rigorous 6-hour examination, has successfully completed a set curriculum that covers key aspects of taxation law, has demonstrated to an objective third party that he meets the high standards of knowledge, experience, and competence and he continues to satisfy a set of continuing education curriculum that directly matches the taxation specialty that Jonathan practices. The result is that your taxation lawyer, Jonathan C. Watts, has stayed on the cutting edge of his taxation profession, and has improved and strengthened his competence—thus setting a higher standard of competence and providing higher quality taxation legal services to you, the client.

While many taxation law attorneys are qualified and competent attorneys, clients who hire a Certified Taxation Law Specialist know that they are hiring an expert in taxation law matters. Many attorneys practice in multiple areas of the legal field. Unfortunately, simply calling yourself a taxation lawyer does not mean that you are well-versed, experienced and savvy in the intricacies of taxation law.

Even more importantly, the distinction of a Certified Specialist in Taxation can help address concerns for you, as a client, when you consider legal services. Many clients find searching for a tax attorney to be a vexing mishmash of online recommendations, LinkedIn endorsements, Facebook Likes and Yelp reviews. Distinguishing a qualified and skilled taxation lawyer from one that simply holds a good Yelp score or is heavily trafficked on Social Media can be maddeningly complex. Although there are approximately 190,000 active lawyers in California, there are only about 333 Certified Specialists in Taxation Law in the entire state, or roughly 1.7% of practicing California attorneys.

Justice Berger’s argument still remains true today, “[B]eyond any particular system … is the fundamental fact that how lawyers are trained—during and after law school—will determine their skills as advocates and ultimately the quality of our justice.”


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